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Mike's Messianic Songs With Lyrics Play List

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  Messianic Songs With Lyrics Play List

1. Sh'ma (Hear 0 Israel, Adonai is our God)
Hear, 0 Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is Onel
Blessed is God's glorious majesty forever!

Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad!
Baruch shem k'vod malchuto I'olam va-ed.

Sing unto God (sing a new song)
Sing unto God, sing a new song
O sing praises to God. give thanks to Him with a song
O sing praises unto the Lord thy God,
Rejoice in the Lord all ye righteous
And cry out to the Lord with joy.
Sing out from your hearts, 0 sing praises to God!
Bless His Name.
O sing unto the Lord a song of prayer
Sing praises to the Lord, sing unto God.
Sing unto God a new song unto God.
Sing a new song unto God!

V'ahavta (love the Lord thy God with all thy heart)
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart
With all thy soul and with all thy might.
And all theese words which I command you on this day shall
be in thy heart.
And thou shaft teach them diligently unto thy children
And thou shall speak of them when thou sittest in thy house.
When thou walkest by the way and when thou risest up
and when thou Iiest down.
And thou shall bind them for a sign upon thy hand,
And they shall be for frontlets between thine eyes,
And thou shall write them on the doorpost of thy house
and upon thy gates,
That ye may remember and do all of My commandments
And be holy unto thy God.

Not by Might, Not by Power
Not by might and not by power
But by spirit alone shall we all live in peace.
The children sing, the children dream
And their tears may fall, but we'll hear them call
And another song will rise. another song will rise.

Not by might, not by power...shalom!

Im Tlrtzu (it is no dream)
If you will it, it is no dream.
To be a free people in our land of Zion and Jerusalem

Im Tirtzu, Im tirtzu, ein zo agadah
Li-h'yot am chofshi B'artzaynu
B'eretz Tzion. Yerushalayim.

Laugh at all my dreams
Laugh at all my dreams my dearest
Laugh and I repeat anew
That I still believe in man
As I still believe in you.

By the passion of our spirit
Shall our ancient bonds be shed
Let the soul be given freedom
Let the body have its bread

For my soul is not yet sold
To the golden calf of scorn
For I still believe in man
And the spirit in him born
Life and love and strength shall beat
And our hopes shall be both heaven
And the earth beneath our foot
Laugh and I repeat anew
That I still believe in man
As I believe in you!

Arise my Love
Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.
For lo, the winter's past and the rain is gone,
The flowers appear on earth.
'T'he time for singing has come
And the voice of the turtle is heard.
The fig tree bringeth forth her green figs,
And the vines in blossom bring forth their fragrance.
Arise my love, come away...

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away (2x)
And come away.

V'sham'ru (The people of Israel shall keep Shabbat)
V'sham'ru v'nay Yisrael et Ha-Shabbat
la'asot et ha-shabbat
L'dorotam brit olam
Bay'ni u'vain b'nay Yisrael
Ot hi l'olam
ki shay-shet yamin a-sa Adonai
Et ha-shamayim v'et ha-aretz
U'vayom ha-sh'vi-ee vayin-afash.

The people of Israel shall keep Shabbat,
observing Shabbat throughout the ages
as a covenant for all time
It is a sign for all time between Me
and the people of Israel.
For in six days Adonai made heaven and earth
and on the seventh day God rested from work and was refreshed.

Oseh Shalom (bring peace to us and all Israel)
Oseh shalom, bim-ro-mav
Hu ya-aseh shalom alaynu
v'al kol Yisrael, V'imru. Amen

May the One who creates harmony on high
bring peace to us and all Israel
To which we say, Amen.

And the Youth shall see Visions
Childhood was for fantasies, for nursery rhymes and toys,
The world was much too busy to understand small girls and boys.
As I grew up I came to learn that life was not a game,
That heroes were just people that we called another name.

(chorus) And the old shall dream dreams and the youth shall see visions
And our hopes shall rise up to the sky,
We must live for today, we must build for tomorrow
Give us time, give us strength, give us life.

Now I'm grown, the years have passed, I've come to understand.
I cannot have. future, 'till I embrace my past,
I promise to pursue the challenge, time is going fast

(chorus) And the old shall dream dreams and the youth shall see visions

Today's the day I take my stand, the future's mine to hold.
Commitments that I make today are dreams from days of old.
I have to make the way, for generations come and go.
I'll have to teach them what I've learned so they will come to know...

(chorus) And the old shall dream dreams and the youth shall see visions

L'chi Lach (Arise and go... the promise to Abraham)
L'chi lach, to a land I will show you.
Lech lecha, to a place you do not know.
L'chi Lach, on your journey I will bless you,

And you shall be a blessing... I'chi lach.
L'chi lach, and I will make your name great,
Lech Iecha, and all shall praise your name.
L'chi lach, to the place that I will show you.
L'simchat chayim... L'chi Iach.

Mi Shebeirach (healing blessings)
Mi she-beirach avotaynu
M'kor ha-bracha I'motaynu
May the source of strength Who blessed the ones before us,
Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing
And let us say...Amen.

Mi she-beirach imotaynu
M'kor ha-bracha Ia votaynu,
Bless those in need of healing with refuah shleyma.
The renewal of body the renewal of spirit

T'filat HaDerech (Traveler's prayer)
May we blessed as we go on our way,
May we be guided In peace,
May we be blessed with health and joy
May this be our blessing, Amen.

May we be sheltered by the wings of peace
May we be kept in safety and in in love,
May grace and compassion find their way to every soul,
May this be our blessing...Amen.

The World of Your Dreams
(chorus) May your eyes shine with light of Torah.
And your face be radiant as the brightness of the sky.
May your lips speak words of wisdom
And may the world you live in be the world of your dreams.

May you see your world created in your lifetime
May you see your visions come to be,
May your hope touch every generation to come.
These ara the prayers we have for you.
May you be blessed with understanding
With wisdom and compassion in your heart,
May your tongue be filled with song
And your lips sing out for justice
These are the prayers we have for you... (chorus)

Birchot Havadalah (said at sundown on saturday)
(chorus) Ya la la...
Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech he olam.
Boray p'riha gafen, boray p'riha gafen.

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha olam
Boray mi nay v'samin, boray mi nay v'samin

Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu melech ha olam
Boray m'oray ha aish, boray m'oray ha aish

(english translation. - not on cd)

Blessed are You. Lord our God, sovereign of the universe
Who creates the fruit of the vine.

Blessed are You. Lord our God. sovereign of the universe
Who creates varieties of spices.

Blessed are You. Lord our God, sovereign of the universe
Who creates the light of the fire.

Blessed are You. Lord our God, sovereign of the universe
Who separates between sacred and secular
between light and darkness
between Israel end the nations
between the seventh day and the six days of labor.

Blessed are You. Lord
Who separates between sacred and secular, Amen.

  Messianic Songs With Lyrics Play List continued...

16. The Angel's Blessing
May our right hand bring us closer to our Godliness.
May our left hand give us strength to face each day
And before us may our visions light the paths ahead.
And behind us may well being heal our way.
All around us is Shechinah (God's spirit). (x2)

Mi'y'mlni Michael, u'mismoli Gavriel.
U'mil fanai Uriel, u'may achorai Rafael,
V'al roshi Shechina.

May Michael be at my right hend, Gabriel at my left.
Before me Uriel, behind me Raphael.
And above my head the Divine Presence

23rd Psalm
Adonai ro-ee lo echsar
Binot deshes yarbi tzayni AI may
menuchot y'nahalayni
Nafshi y'shovaiv yanchayni V'maglay
tzedek I'ma an sh'mo
Gam ki aylech b'gay tzalmavet
Lo ee ra ra, ki ata imadi
Shiv techa u'mishantecha, Hay ma y'nacha muni
Ta aroch I'fanai shulchan, Neged tzo r'rai
Dlshanta vashemen roshi, kosi r'vaya
Ach tov vachesed yir de funi kol y'may chayai
V'shavti b'vait Adonai I'orech yamim.

18 Mi Chamochah ('Miriam's song)

among the gods that are worshipped?
Who is like You, majestic in holiness,
awesome in splendor, worklng wonders?

Your children witnessed Your sovereinty,
the sea splitting before Moses and Miriam,
"This is our God!" they cried.
"Adonai will reign forever and ever!"

Thus it is said,
"Adonai redeemed Jacob, from a hand stronger than his own."
Praise are You, Adonai, for redeeming Israel.

Miriam's song

Mi chamocha ba eilim Adonai,
Mi kamocha ne dar ba kodesh
Nora t'hilot osei fele (x2)
Mal chut cha ra-u vanecha
Bo kaya yam lifnay Moshe u'Miriam
Zeh ay li anu v''amru
Adonai yimloch, Adonai yimloch, l'olam va-ed.

And Miriam, the prophet, took her timbral in her hand
And all the women followed her just as she had planned
And Miriam raised her voice in song, she sang with praise and might,
we've just lived through a miracle... we're going to dance tonight!

And the women dancing with their timbrals,
Followed Miriam as she sang her song,
Sing a song to the One whom we've exalted,
Miriam and the women danced and danced the whole night long.

Ha l'luyah...
Ha l'lu kel b'kodsho
Ha l'lu birkia uzo
He l'lu b'gvurotav
He l'lu k'rov gudlo,
Ha l'luya
He l'lu b'tayka shofar
Ha l'lu b'nevel v'chinor
He l'lu b'tof u'machol
Ha l'lu b'minium v'ugav
Ha l'luya
Ha l'lu b'tzilk, tzelei shama,
Ha l'lu b'tzililtzi lei
He l'lu yah Kol hay neshaman t'hallelya.

Praise God in God's sanctuary;
Praise God in the sky, God's stronghold.
Praise God for mighty acts,
Praise God for Gods exceeding greatness.
Praise God with blasts of the horn,
Praise God with the harp and lyre.
Praise God with timbrel and dance,
Praise God with resounding cymbals,
Praise God with loud-crashing cymbals.
Let all that breathes, praise God.

Build this World together
we hear the sound of peace but it's different this time,
we're gong to build this world together.
It's the eternal cry of humankind.
we're gong to build this world together.

(chorus) we hear the sound of hope, the sound of peace,
Its a new day for a new generation,
A new time, no beginning, no end...
we're gong to build this world together.

Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice,
we're going to build this world together.
We'll sing a song of peace in a different voice,
We're going to build this world together.
we must study and teach, exploring new ways,
we're going to build this world together.
So the children will grow and be the teachers one day,
We're going to build this world together.
We're, each of us different and this makes us strong,
We're going to build this world together.
And we need every voice to sing this new song,
We're going to build this world together.

L'cha Dodi, likrat kallah (Beloved, Come to meet the bride)

L'cha Dodi, likrat kallah, p'nay Shabbat n'kabbelah! (x2)

Beloved, Come to meet the bride, beloved come to greet Shabbatl

Avahat Olam (Everlasting love)

Ahavat Olam beit Yisrael amcha ahavta (2x)
Torah u'mitzvot chukim u mishpatim
Otanu Ii mad ta (2x)

AI kein Adonai Elokaynu b'shavh'beinu
Uv'ku maynu na si ach b'chukecha
V'nismach b'divray Toratecha
Uv'mitzvotecha l'olam Va ed,

Ki heim chayaynu, V'orech Yamaynu
U va hem ne geh yo mam valaila
V'ahvaycha al tasir mimenu l'olamim
Baruch ata Adonai oheiv amo Yisrael.

Everlasting love You offered Your people Israel
by teaching us Torah and mitzvot, laws and precepts.
Therefore Adonai our God,
when we lie down and when we rise up
we will meditate on Your laws and Your commandments.
we wlll rejoice in Your Torah forever.
Day and night we will reflect on them
for they are our life and doing them lengthens our days.
Never remove Your love from us.
Praise to You, Adonai. who loves Your people, Israel.

Kumi Lach (adapted from Song of Songs 2:10-11)

Kumi Lach ra yati yafati kumi lach
Ki hinay has'tav a var
Ha geshem chalaf halsch lo...

Arise, My Darling and come away.

You are the One

You are the One, for this I pray,
That I may have the strength to be alone.
To see the world, to stand among the trees, and all the living things,
That I may stand alone and offer prayers and talk to You;
You are the One to whom I do belong.
And I'll sing my soul to You.

May all the foliage of the field, all grasses, trees, and plants,
Awaken at my coming, this I pray,
And send their life into my words of prayer,
So that my speech, my thoughts, and my prayers will be made whole,
And through the spirit of all growing things,
And we know that everything is one,
Because we know that everything is You.

You are the One, for this I pray,
I ask You God, to hear my words,
That pour out from my heart, I stand before You,
I, like water, lift my hands to You in prayer,
And grant me strength, and grant me strength to stand alone,
You are the One to who, I do belong,
And I'll sing my soul, I'll sing my soul to You,
And give You all that's in my heart.

You are the One, for this I pray,
And I'll sing my soul... to You!

Asher Yatzar (You have fashioned the human body with wisdom)

Asher yatzer et ha adam b'chochma
U'vara vo nekavim nekavim chalulim chalulim,
Galiu v'yaduah lifnay chisay mayhem
O yisatem echad mayhem
Ee efshar l'hitakayem v'la amod l'fanecha
Baruch ata Adonai rofay chol basar umafli Ia asot.

You have fashioned the human body with wisdom,
creating openings, arteries, glands and organs,
marvelous in structure, intricate in design,
Should but one of them, by being blocked or opened,
fall to function, it would be impossible to exist.
Blessed are You, Adonai, healer of all flesh and
Who sustains our bodies in wondrous ways!

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